workshops karikatuurtekenen


For several years now we have been giving workshops in caricature drawing in The Netherlands and Belgium.
There’s no need to be an artist, enthusiasm will do! We start off with a short history of caricatures and instructions about how to draw a portrait. We take pictures and drawings with us that will create a studio-like atmosphere and hopefully inspire everyone. We then make a live sketch of one of the guests to demonstrate exactly what we mean.
Everyone takes his/her pencil and sets off to work, sitting opposite one another, putting to practice that what has been learned. The workshop leader walks around and gives instructions where needed.

Maximum number of participants: 50
Duration: 60-120 minutes
Requirements: plenty of room, tables and chairs.
All the drawing necessities will be supplied by us: pens, pencils, paper, erasers and pencil sharpeners, as well as a sound set (for big audiences).