terms and conditions


Generally applicable terms and conditions as a caricaturist, cartoonist, illustrator, for a workshop, live on venue, by order or booking. Specific wishes or conditional terms? Please contact us. We can mutual agree on specific terms by order, per contract, per client or clien trelation.
Update July 2020 - www.sneltekenaars.com

1. You can take an option in our agenda for a performance and/or workshop as a caricature artist or cartoonist

Taking an option on Marion and Hugo in our agenda is for free, without booking-obligation. Please provide date of your event, venue-region, performance hours and your contact information for option control, please by email. If we receive another request from someone else for that same date in the meantime, we will get in touch with you and will ask if you want to book, extend or cancel the option. If you can’t decide, or if you are out of reach your option will be cancelled or moved to a second spot or lower rate in ranking.
Option disclaimer: You can not claim booking rights on option reservations.
Options are a free agenda service of us.

2. You can cancel an option

You can cancel an option anytime, without reason, for free. No additional costs charged.

3. To book a live performance

After your decision to book us, Marion/Hugo will send you a pdf contract. Please check and sign and thus confirm the booking engagement, which is planned in our agenda and to which both parties are committed. For that we like to receive your booking-details: date, performance hours, venue, name of client, contact & invoice details, contact person on venue and mobile phonenumber. An alternative is by email confirmation for a mutual agreed booking engagement .

4. Invoice and payment

After booking by contract or email confirmation, we will send you an invoice around the date of the performance.
Money can be transferred by bank (standard procedure), or in cash at the venue before or right after the gig.

5. A performance indoor

Performance indoor is possible under all circumstances except in front of loud audio speakers or in unlighted areas.
Hugo and Marion can bring light, 220V is needed on venue. For a digital caricature show 220V as powersupply for digital tablet, tv, printer, display and spot set-up. In addition our COVID-19 terms are used to our indoor performance terms, see statement 7.

6. A performance outdoor

Outdoor performances must always take place under some sort of roofing. Exposure to direct sunlight and rain or wind are unacceptable circumstances for us to work under.
Drawing on paper / beermat at 15º-35º Celsius, dry weather conditions and back-up shelter if it starts to rain or worse…
Paper is sensitive to atmospheric humidity, also under open air roofing. Humidity can become too high.
Drawing digitally on tablet : only at 18º-30º Celsius, only in tent and 100% sheltered against rain, storm, snow, hail etc. No direct sunlight. Electricity: 220V power is needed for a digital caricature show. In addition our COVID-19 terms are used to our outdoor performance terms, see statement 7.

7. COVID-19 terms

Hugo and Marion will sketch and perform on events which are organized in confirmity with most recent gorvernment rules for events, like for instance: enough distance between guests, 1,5 meter distance between persons, fresh-air ventilation (not recirculation) , limited amount of visitors to event, health-statement of visitors for acces to event. The client or event manager is responsible for enforcing the COVID-19 terms during the event. If the COVID-19 terms and health-conditions are more or less neglected at the venue , by arrival or during the event, than Hugo and Marion are legally entitled to stop and cancel their performance immediately if conditions cannot be improved or enforced for the better. See point 8. To cancel a booking.

In return, Hugo and Marion are obliged to follow most current COVID-19 government rules during their performance, like: keep distance and holding back in direct contact to visitors or guests. Hugo and Marion will not perform or stop performing when they feel ill: having a cold, a cough or a fever in advance or during the performance in consultation with the client or event manager.

8. To cancel a booking

Private clients ( incl. VAT )
Cancelling fee with or without a*force majeure reason, charging booking costs, if made by us: Administration € 90,- ( contract, invoice, communication, office, reservation ) Travelcosts Arnhem-Venue € 1,- per km, oneway

Business clients (excl. VAT)
Cancelling fee with a *force majeure reason, charging booking costs, if made by us:
€ 90,- ( contract, invoice, communication, office, reservation )

Travelcosts Arnhem-Venue
€ 1,- per km, oneway in the Netherlands, carbased

International Travelcosts:
booked flight-tickets, train-tickets, car-rental, aggreed km car fee, real made costs

Hotel-AirB&B reservations:
real made costs

Business clients (excl. VAT)
Cancelling fee without a*force majeure reason, because of lost revenue Days before performance-date
0 - 14 days ……………………………… 50%
15 - 30 days……………………………….. 40%
31 - 45 days………………………………. . 20%
46 - 60 days …..…………………………… 10%

International Travelcosts: booked flight-tickets, train-tickets, car-rental, agreed km car fee, real made costs
Hotel-AirB&B reservations: real made costs

In return we are obliged to comply to our contracts as caricature and cartoon artists. The client can claim similar percentage cancelling fees on us if we cancel a booking without valid Force Majeure reason*, out of our control or without professional stand-in arrangement. Hugo and Marion are always dedicated to arrange a professional stand-in for the client in case of cancelling a booking. (No guarantee nor obligation for a stand-in arrangement)
Rescheduling cancelled booking to another date: Rebookings discount up to 25% related to received cancellingfees before and type and conditions of rebooking
*Force Majeure: illness, case of death in first family degree, natural disaster, construction-, techniqual-or installation- dammage, failure or breakdown. Please show us proof of Force Majeure. COVID19 is a known risk, not a force majeure anymore. Hugo and Marion are not legal responsible for COVID19 transmission.

9. Copyright , publication and sharing

Caricatures, cartoons and workshops
You can take pictures and video recordings of us for your event coverage. We appreciate it if you mention our names when you share or publish pictures or video footage of us during our performance. Promotional and commercial use in open public media of our live caricature, cartoon or workshop performances, please in mutual agreement with us.
We also may take some pictures during our performance as a caricature artist or portrait sketch artist for our portfolio. For instance: a person showing her or his caricature to spectators for a laugh or admiration. We ask permission before taking a picture of the person acting in the caricature. As an exception we might make a video recording (under similar conditions as taking pictures.)
You can withdraw, modify or delete your consent for taking or using your picture or video, in which you are exposed at anytime. Read our privacy statement on our website www.sneltekenaars.com